Treatment commences with the taking of a through history of your animals day to day life, work and exercise regime and medical problems past and present.

Taking a record card helps me to start building a picture of any problems that your animal may be experiencing and this time also allows your animal to get used to me being around without being hands on straight away.

Static assessment and gait analysis

Assessment of your animal at rest and whilst moving is then performed, checking for any abnormalities, assymmetries and disturbances. This also gives indications as to where particular problems are arising from.

Palpation and adjustments

The spine and pelvis and all other associated joints are then analysed for any misalignments or spasm, problems areas are then treated using very precise rapid adjustments to correct misalignments and reduce muscle spasm. Often once treatment commences you may notice your animal licking and chewing or yawning, which is all part of their release process as they start to feel more comfortable. As a qualified Merisha Animal Massage Therapist I also use massage techniques and stretches to treat any remaining muscle tension.


Generally includes a day or two of rest from work and physical activity with a gradual re-introduction of your usual activity level. This time of rest allows your animals own body to begin the innate healing process, which works with the holistic ethos of the McTimoney treatment to maximise its effectiveness. Other aftercare advice is tailored to your animals specific needs.

Follow up treatments

Animals can require more than one treatment depending on the nature of the problem that is being treated, but this again is dependent on each individuals needs. Often the best results arise with the use of regular maintenance treatments as this helps to maintain optimum performance and health as a preventative measure.

Common reactions

Usually most animals respond really well to treatment with common reactions including feeling a little sleepy and relaxed, drinking more water and in some cases feeling fresh and becoming more active.

The benefits of McTimoney treatment

Every animal responds to treatment in their own unique way but frequently benefits include:
  • Increased range of motion and flexibility
  • Provides comfort
  • Enhanced performance
  • Improved gait quality
  • Improved circulation
  • Relieves muscle spasm and tension
  • Maximises nerve function